OutReal is a cloud gaming platform for standalone VR headsets. With this technology, users can power their standalone VR headsets as high-powered gaming rigs. Our platform allows users to play high graphic-intensive VR games in their VR headsets using high-speed internet like 5G.

We fused two cutting edge technologies Cloud Gaming and Virtual Reality to bring immersive gaming experiences for everyone.

No need PC

Users no longer need a high-powered PC or console to play graphic-intensive VR games in headsets. OutReal streams virtual reality games directly to VR headsets.


Play where you want, when you want, anywhere using 5G.

Immersive and smooth gameplay

OutReal allows you to play VR games at a maximum resolution of 2K x 2K per eye at 90HZ Speed.

Compatible Devices

Pico Neo 2


Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Lenovo Mirage Solo

Lenevo Mirage Solo



Bandwidth and Usage

Users will need a 5G internet connected to their respective VR devices using WiFi.

Play Instantly

No Downloads, No Installations.
Just one click


OutReal will be available in beta version from July 2022 in specific regions in the UK. We will be continuously rolling out our services in other regions every month.


OutReal is powered by high-end Nvidia GPUs that allows each user to experience gaming at RTX 2080 level performance. Our systems are hosted very near to the users. When we say cloud gaming for VR, important factor that strikes is latency. OutReal is developed with ultra-low latency streaming stack with a latency of less than 1ms. Latency is occurred in different portions of this Cloud VR technology. Our goal is to minimize latency as much as possible in every single way GPU will pose a render latency of 15-25ms depending upon the game size and workload. For game streaming, we need to compress the rendered game video in order to send it through the internet to the client. There will be a latency of 3-10ms encountered while this encoding and decoding process.

 Latency comparison
       Local PC VR  :  15 - 25ms
       Cloud VR      :   38ms

Our Future

We will be expanding our services throughout Canada, US, UK, and major countries in the EU.


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